Purim According to Bollywood (And Other Aspects of Pop Culture)


Vashti-Saamiya (Veer-Zaara)

Esther-Taani (Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi)

King Achashveirosh-Rehan (Fanaa)

Haman-Mukesh (Om Shanti Om)

Mordechai-Ashok (Koyla)

Bigsan-Ranvir (Koyla)

Seresh-Dilavar (Koyla)

Setting-Amritsar, India (Shushan, Persia)

Rehan, mayor of Amritsar, throws a party and insists/asks Saamiya to come wearing a royal crown. Saamiya refuses, saying she isn’t some cheap courtesan, but Rehan’s own wife. Rehan has her killed, and after his anger dissipates hosts a beauty contest. Taani wins, and becomes queen. Ashok overhears Ranvir and Dilavar plotting to kill the mayor. He tells Rehan, who has the pair hanged. Rehan promotes Mukesh, a known and outspoken anti-Semite, as advisor, saying that everyone has to bow down before him. Ashok refuses, which pissed Mukesh off majorly.  He takes revenge against the Jews of Amritsar by casting lots to decide when the big day is. Big surprise! The day is 13 Adar. Mukesh asks Rehan if he can kill the Jews, and Rehan says yes. Mukesh posts notices all over Amritsar, ordering the residents to kill Jews where they stand. Ashok gets wind of this and begs Taani to speak to Rehan and spare the Jews of Amritsar. She does so on the condition that Ashok gather up all of Amritsar’s Jews and fasts for three days. Taani is afraid; anyone who goes into Rehan’s office uninvited is shot. After a three-day fast, Taani goes to Rehan wearing her best clothes. She invites Rehan and Mukesh to a small feast she’s prepared herself. Mukesh builds a gallows for Ashok after Ashok still refuses to bow down to him. The three of them attend a second dinner party, also Taani’s idea. Rehan gets Ashok all suited up in royal garb, which again infuriates Mukesh. Taani lets Rehan know that Mukesh is out to get the Jews, and Mukesh is hanged.

And now for some cool ideas for Purim costumes:

Zooni from the Hindi movie Fanaa

Raj from DDLJ

Any of the characters in the Purim saga


Tessa Gray from The Infernal Devices series

Harry Potter




Google Map

George Washington

Queen Amidala of Naboo

Flight Attendant

Renge Hoshakuji from Ouran High School Host Club

Sophia Silvestri from Titanic: Blood and Steel

Hatzolah volunteer

Anne of Green Gables

NASA astronaut


Chinese dragon

Ancient Greeks wearing togas

You can Google any of the films and characters mentioned above.

A Frailichen Purim!! If you have any other great Purim costume ideas, share them in the comment section below.



Modesty and Modernity

In my Facebook newsfeed this morning,  I came across a very touching and thought-provoking article on aish.com called “Why I Choose To Dress Modestly.” Let’s discuss modesty. When you think of modesty, what do you think of? Those ugly uniforms Catholic schoolkids wear? Your Muslim two-doors-down neighbor and her hijabs? A strict rebbetzin in the heart of Crown Heights wearing frumpy, high-necked blouses, ankle-length skirts, and wigs that look like they came out of a Halloween shop?

I used to have the exact same impressions, before I actually took the time to research the concept of Jewish modesty.

What I found shocked me.

I found video tutorials explaining how to tie the most gorgeous headscarves (Even one with a Princess Leia Organa variation; cue nerdy fangasm). I found hijabis who really knew how to rock it. I found women who looked like they just stepped out of some trendy boutique.

Turns out modesty and modernity aren’t so different after all.

Teach me to stereotype!

Never judge a book by its cover. If you liked this article, please share your thoughts in the comments below.