9 Things We Can Learn From the Video of Daniel Radcliffe Wrapping Tefillin

I can think of a few choice people who could use this message, so here goes nothing:

  1. Just because a Jew is lax in his/her observance doesn’t mean s/he isn’t a huge help to the Jewish nation.
  2. If Orthodox Jews shame and ostracize non-Orthodox Jews for their lack of religious observance, then we are no better than the assholes who were behind Kristallnacht.
  3. Any idiot can do a mitzvah, correctly or incorrectly. But, like everything, it’s the intention behind it that really counts.
  4. One Jew is not better than another simply because he’s more frum. That’s bullshit.
  5. It does no good to hide one’s past, for said past may come back to either bite you in the ass or do insane amounts of good.
  6. No one can control whether s/he is a pig-eating, Israeli-flag-burning, sex-having shiksa or a black-crushed-hat, dog-hating, TV-condemning frum from birth, so stop judging right now. Again, it does absolutely no good.
  7. Labeling Jews based on their observance level does absolutely nothing at all but divide us.
  8. A Jew is a Jew is a Jew.
  9. Harry Potter can defeat Voldemort and still be totally, adorably clueless.