My Boyfriend and My Faith

I always thought online dating was all bullshit, which is why I was wary when I signed up for okcupid. It’s how my mom met her boyfriend, and those two are as in love now as they were when they met nearly five years ago. So at Mom’s suggestion, I gave it a shot. It was a complete misfire, which is why I now call it okstupid. I even got a dick pic from one guy!

So naturally, it was extremely reluctantly that I signed up for Plenty of Fish. There were a couple of duds, but by about the third or fourth guy I messaged, I began to see the light. His name was Jack* and we hit it off right away. Dating is a lot like jobsearching: you’re going to screw up, but you’ll find the right one eventually.

Jack and I have now been dating two months and things couldn’t be better. He knows damn well I’m Jewish, but what he doesn’t know is that I’m Orthodox. He sometimes jokes that he’s a self-professed heathen, whatever that means. 

I think I know why some people don’t bother with the whole G-d thing. People do some fucked up shit in the name of religion. But the thing is, it’s those people that give us nice Jews such a shitty rap.

Jack and I get along great, and for that I’m grateful. After all, I’m only ever at peace when I’m with him. 

Any thoughts?

*Name has been changed to protect privacy 


3 thoughts on “My Boyfriend and My Faith

  1. Oyyyyy. Well… I’m glad he makes you happy and you’re at peace now, but as a frum Jew, do you think that’ll continue? When you meet up? What about during dating? What if you marry? Can you see yourself brung happy with him? Or do you plan to put aside your Yiddishkeit to be with him?

    Here if you need me.

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    1. But that’s the thing. I don’t have to put aside being Jewish. Jack fell in love with a Jew, and a Jew I will remain. After all, I don’t know any other way to be. I’m happy for the first time in forever, so no, I won’t be putting aside my faith. I can still perform little mitzvos, like brachos before kosher snacks or studying Torah.

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      1. I’m glad you’re happy. You probably think that’s me trying to mekarev you, but hearing that you’re happy makes ME happy. I’m proud that you’re holding onto your faith, but do you think he’ll be? Can you see his faith and yours as being compatible in the future? Keep us updated as to what happens.


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