Who Am I?

This one’s for all the Jews out there who ever struggled between belonging to the secular world or the Jewish one.

I have a split personality. No, not the kind you take meds for. Most of you know I was young when I became a Baal Teshuva, only seventeen. But who am I, really?

Am I Sam, the girl who cries over the deaths of fictional characters? The girl who has a nerdy fangasm when her OTP finally gets together? The girl who can eat a whole pack of that yummy sushi seaweed? The girl who still thinks there are monsters under the bed? 

Or am I Shira, the girl who says Shema every night before bed? The girl who put up a mezuzah on her bedroom door post?  The girl who goes to public menorah lightings?

Who am I?

Does anyone know who they really are?

Does anyone know how to fit in?

I don’t. 

So who am I, anyway?


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