Asking G-d Why

You may not have seen, but there’s a disturbing video circulating the Internet. No, it’s not uncensored porn or that scene in Christmas Vacation where Clark loses his shit. It’s even more sinister. On Dec. 30, 12-year-old Katelyn Nicole Davis, from Cedartown, Georgia, used the social streaming app Live.Me to broadcast her suicide. I haven’t been brave enough to see the video yet. Her parents took it off her Facebook page, but you can still find it. My question is, who would even want to see that? That poor girl felt she had no other way out, and for people to goggle at her last moments like a monkey in a zoo is just tasteless. This is why we need to destigmatize mental illness in America. It can strike anywhere. Let me put it this way: Depression is caring about nothing. Anxiety is caring about every. Single. Thing. Having them both is hell. Hell isn’t a fiery pit or a Breitbart article. Hell is depression. Hell is being paralyzed with sadness to the point where you can’t breathe. You can’t think. It’s not about anything but crippling, drowning pain. Hell is spending most of your nights in a panic or in tears or both. I’m lucky. I have access to meds. Between my best friend and my boyfriend, I have a good support system. But for Kaitlyn Davis, help didn’t come too late. It didn’t come at all. Ave atque vale, Kaitlyn Davis. Hail and farewell, Kaitlyn Davis.


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